The "Bangham" Resonator Whistle

Two Tone Whistle for the Accucraft Kalahri NG15

>NG15 Whistle

The two tone Whistle fits between the frames underneath the loco, the Warming Valve in the cab is used for the whistle Valve, a new Warming Valve with Needle Valve control is supplied and fits into the blank bush in the Backhead, this then ensures a constant supply of steam/Hot Water to the Tender Tank to warm the gas tank, this way a more constant pressure is maintained in the Gas Tank, a new pipework assembly is supplied as shown plus also for the Tender connection, making a much neater fitting.
The Accucraft Warming/Whistle Valve will require modification to use with the two tone Whistle, full instructions will be given on how to modify it, or if you are not capable of this then DJB will modify the Valve FOC when the whistle is ordered, instructions will be given then on how to remove it.


UK post on whistles 3.95, overseas at cost.

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