The "Bangham" Resonator Whistle

Resonator whistle for the Roundhouse Fowler 4-6-0

Kit of parts to fit a DJB Resonator Whistle to a Roundhouse Fowler

Roundhouse Fowler whistle

The Whistle is mounted on the Cab Front and will require 3 holes to be drilled in the front plate, the plate can be removed for drilling.
The Resonator sits beside the boiler in front of the Regulator Servo.
The Operating Valve is mounted on the Right Hand Cab Sidesheet, it can be mounted horizontal or vertical.
A steam connection to the rear of the Regulator Body is required, this connection can be fitted by DJB FOC when ordering the Whistle kit, the Regulator body will be required in advance.


UK post on whistles 3.95, overseas at cost.

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