Cast Brass Smokebox

Replacement Cast brass smokebox for the Accucraft Edrig or Ragleth also suitable for other generic models in the accucraft range such as Mortimer, Lawley, Wrekin, Caradoc.

Also suitable for scratch builders.

Includes working smokebox door and handles like the real thing !

Cost £65 + £4.95 p&p

Requires the customer to opening out the existing fixing holes in the footplate and remove the chimney and add to the new smokebox. The chimney is held on by a nut and spacer which you undo remove the chimney from the Accuraft smokebox and add the chimney spacer and nut to the new smokebox and tighten up the nut.
Fitting instructions included.

Edrig coal firing conversionRagleth coal firing conversion

Left: New smokebox as fitted to Edrig. Right: As fitted to Ragleth (Please note Rosco lubricators not included but can be purchased separately from our range of Useful Cosmetic Parts - Loco Fittings).